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Green Roofing in High Wycombe

What is green roofing?

Transform your flat roof with a green roofing solution from RTD Roofing. As a leading provider and installer of green roofing in High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, and other areas in and around Buckinghamshire, we bring expertise and creativity to your roofing project. Our green roofing solutions, featuring a waterproof membrane and lush vegetation, offer multiple benefits, such as attracting wildlife, improving insulation, and absorbing rainwater, while also providing a stunning and eco-friendly addition to your home or commercial building.

Roofers in High Wycombe

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Other roofing services in High Wycombe

Below, you’ll find the services that RTD Roofing offer for both commercial and residential customers in High Wycombe and surrounding areas:

Roof Tiling & Slates

Tiling and slate roofing offer a budget-friendly roofing option with a longevity of several years. Nevertheless, the passing of time and the harsh British weather conditions can lead to tile and slate displacement and breakage.
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Felt Flat Roofing

Although felt flat roofing requires more frequent replacements compared to other roofing types, it doesn't have to be a costly or time-consuming process with RTD roofing.
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Single Ply Roofing

A single-ply roofing membrane is great because of its light weight, flexibility, and ability to provide waterproofing to both flat and green roofing systems.
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Pitched Roofing

Pitched roofing comes with several benefits, such as the creation of additional living or storage space inside the building, a longer lifespan compared to flat roofing, and enhanced insulation.
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Lead Sheet Roofing

Lead sheet roofing is the toughest roofing materials out there. However, even the best roofs can wear down over time, and if that happens then RTD Roofing are there to help.
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Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is an ideal choice for flat roofs due to its strength and durability. It will not only enhance the appearance of your property but also provide waterproof protection for years to come.
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With professional standards and experience in and around High Wycombe, RTD Roofing is the best around for your major roofing work on your buidling!
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Garage Roofing

Don't wait until it's too late; take proactive steps to prevent water damage in your garage with our garage roofing service.
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